Great selection and unbeatable customer service. Ron is a Loomis icon.

~ CruelTee  

They are awesome. Extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The store offers high quality cigars and volumes of knowledge and advice for whoever seeks it.

~ Dr. Paul  

Huge selection of great cigars. Not just the brand names but the ones you can't find any where else. All the guy's are very knowledgeable and always willing to answer my question and teach me something new. Got to recommend the Cabo Classic.

~ Jake R.

Ron is the best cigar guy in Northern California with great cigars, cigar lounge and hospitable people

 ~ Ryan M.  

Stellar cigar shop (not head shop). Skip the hippies shops and make your way to a premier cigar shop, Tobacco Republic. Great guys in the shop and always helpful. They are a wealth of knowledge.

 ~ Derek S.  

You won't be let down by the service and amount of cigars in the shop.
They kick butt in service and I really enjoy the talk that goes about in the lounge.  With an offer of a light from the register to a cup of coffee and leather chairs.  The experience is golden!!

~ Tim F.

I've been going there for years and it's still the best cigar shop anywhere.

~ Bryant A.  

Great cigar shop with a phenomenal selection and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Came into the shop March 8 for the first time & Ron was super helpful in giving my friend and I info on all the cigars and they history of them. The Leaf cigar by Oscr Ron recommended for us was a great cigar. Great experience and will be back again!

~ Tactical T  

Amazing and friendly place as soon as you walk through the door. The owner and staff have a true passion for cigars. I would recommend any cigar lover visit this place. They have a very large selection of cigars.

~ Val A.

Just when I thought the authentic cigar shops were all gone.... If you're interested in cigars this place has it all. Knowledgeable salesmen, a great selection, and a cool place to hang out and relax.

~ Gabe O.

Today was my first time in Tobacco Republic and I was extremely impressed.  Great selection, great lounge for relaxing and smoking a cigar.  Ron was extremely knowledgeable and was able to show me several cigars based on what I told him I liked.  I will definitely be back in for some more cigars and would highly recommend Tobacco Republic.

~ Dan G.

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